Iranian Tourism Laws

Iranian Tourism Laws

It is universally undeniable that a tourist should respect his/her destination country’s laws.

But first let’s see who is a tourist?

A tourist is someone who spends at least one night and at last one year in a foreign country, aside from business, educational purpose.

A tourist who tends to visit Iran, should respect Iran’s Constitution, Criminal Laws, Traffic Laws, non-interference in political issues of Iran; don’t have any intention for trading Ancient heritage of Iran; respect traditional and ethnics and religion and cultural aspects of Iran; treating Iranians in a good manner. In addition to the Hijab Law that women should wear something to cover their body and hair. Every foreigners and especially Male tourists should bare it in mind to avoid handshake with opposite sex especially with Iranian women before asking for their permission; and absolutely don’t drink alcoholic beverages as long as they are in Iran or bring some with them; because they are legally prohibited in Iran.

However, Iranians treat tourists in the best manner with compassion and there is no reason to be afraid of law or/and police in Iran.

Ghorbani 11/12/1397

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