Pictures of Yazd

Pictures of the beautiful city of Yazd and its amazing Wind-catchers

Yazdan travel has started it's activity in 2008. During these years, passengers' satisfaction has always been the most important goal of the agency . Yazdan travel has been providing high quality and innovative services to it's customers and cooperator agencies since the very first day of its activity. Attracting tourists to travel to Iran , is the first priority of Yazdan travel agency , and we strive for providing the best services ever, using best ideas of the staffs and establishing new ways with most mutual benefits to communicate other travel agencies,brokers,airlines,and leaders, taking steps toward it's ultimate goal.

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  1. […] Yazd formerly also known as Yezd, is the capital of Yazd Province, Iran .The city is located 270 km southeast of Isfahan. Since 2017, the historical city of Yazd is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.  It bears living testimony to the use of limited resources for survival in the desert. Because of generations of adaptation to its desert surroundings, Yazd has a unique Persian-architecture. Each district of the city is built on a qanat and has a communal center. Buildings are built of earth. The use of earth in buildings includes walls, and roofs by the construction of vaults and domes. Houses are built with courtyards below ground level, serving underground areas. […]

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